Urbin Report

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

debates and Vice President choices

I listened to some of the democrat debate last night and one thing was clear, regardless of if you agreed with they where saying or not, Hillary Rodham Clinton was once again kicking ass and taking names.

Most of the other candidates were still talking to the nutroots extremist left they are hoping will vote for them in a general election. Hillary Rodham Clinton is already running the general election. Obama and Edwards aren't attacking her directly because they don't want to ruin their chances for the number 2 spot on the ticket.

While a Hillary Rodham Clinton/Barak Obama ticket is a far extremist loopy left wet dream of ticket, I think Hillary Rodham Clinton is too smart to pick a running mate that isn't going to help here in the general election. If that admitted War Criminal John Kerry was smart enough, he would probably be President right now. Fortunately for the United States of America, his skills are more focused toward finding extremely rich women who aren't that bright instead of running in a contested election.

My prediction is that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going to pick Obama or Edwards (who couldn't even carry his home state in the 2004 elections), but somebody who is going to help here in the general elections of 2008. Former Bill Clinton administration official and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson would be a good choice. He's also smart enough to know that if he was Hillary Rodham Clinton's Vice President, gone would be the days of a powerful VP (such as Al Gore or Dick Cheney). He is far too conservative (he has a better track record on Second Amendment Civil Rights than a lot of Republicans running for President) for Hillary Rodham Clinton to allow much freedom. That is something that Hillary Rodham Clinton feels about most Americans anyway.