Urbin Report

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pointing out the BIG point they are obviously missing

From the Washington Times:

At yesterday's Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on Islamic extremism in Europe, a dozen anti-war Code Pink activists were in attendance.

When the hearing broke for a Senate floor vote, the leader of the group signaled for the others to begin shouting in unison: "Senator Collins, stop funding the war." Meanwhile, two of the activists frantically searched through their congressional directory, trying to figure out what state the senator represented. One announced, "M.E.," at which point the other said brightly, "That stands for Maine."

By the end of the hearing, the group leader once again motioned to her comrades, and immediately they began shouting: "Senator Lieberman, stop funding the war."

At which point a woman sitting beside the protesters stood up to leave, but on her way out she issued this oral warning to one of the protesters: "If the jihadis win, you'll be wearing a burqa and it won't be pink."

Perhaps it is because the "Code Pink" fanatics are so focused on making sure that America loses, they can not see the obvious results of the enemies of Freedom winning.