Urbin Report

Friday, June 22, 2007

Meanwhile...Across The Ocean

Miguel down in Mexico writes on Little Green Footballs:

The Internet in Venezuela failed because of a problem with a submarine cable that was broken. That afected Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Venezuela and Colombia.

In four of those countries, things are back to normal, except in Venezuela, because Thugo's government refuses to allow repairing crews inside of its waters, because...they are gringos!

Good for you guys! Socialism means starving or having a hellish society to teach the gringos a lesson. Sure! Thugo is learning the lessons of Cuba very well.

In the meantime, who gives a damn if the Venezuelan people want to use the Net? Bah. For socialism, people are dispensable, contemptable, usable, of no importance whatsoever as individuals. They exist only as a moldable mass of imbecils.

So what else is new?