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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Funny, but sadly true...

From Cold Fury, You might be a liberal if...

You think “the War on Terror” is a bumper-sticker slogan but “Free Tibet!”, “Safe, Legal and Rare” and “Gun-Free Zone” are not.

You think the Pledge of Allegiance, Intelligent Design, ROTC Jr., the Boy Scouts and prayer have absolutely no place in public schools…but having serial psychotropic toad-lickers and members of the Amputee Stump Fetish-Community give lectures to kindergartners is perfectly acceptable.

You think Don Imus is a fascist, bigoted hate criminal…but the prisoners in Guantanamo are misunderstood victims.

You think Guantanamo is a prison in Cuba, but Cuba isn’t itself a prison.

It’s never occurred to you that mass immigration functions as a hidden tax on working Americans…and the only thing politicians love more than a tax is a tax they don’t have to vote on.

You think this is the weakest economy in 50 years…and illegal workers are keeping it strong.

You think our biggest mistake in Iraq was not listening to the generals…who are all incompetents.

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