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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An example of democrat debating style

Poweline notes that one of it's former forum posters makes the news:

Given the level of hysteria that is constantly being whipped up by the Party of Hate, we've worried for a while that someone is going to get hurt. Cases of voter intimidation and violence against Republican campaign headquarters were widely reported during the last election cycle. A Democratic poster whom we had to ban from the Power Line Forum recently went to the home of a Republican campus leader and assaulted him, resulting in criminal charges.

Most recently, a Democrat and former political candidate named Matthew Hunter Kramer has been arrested for threatening the executive director of the Republican Party of Nevada with a rifle, tearing photos of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney off the wall of the party's headquarters, threatening staffers at the Republican Party's office, and "warning that he would be back if President Bush vetoed an emergency war spending bill being considered by Congress."

It's no secret that Democrats are trying to bully their way back into power. But bullying with rifles--as well as "swords, knives, a flare gun, a shotgun and shells," which also were found in Kramer's car, ups the ante considerably.

This says a lot about the level of logic and debate that support the leftist liberal democrat party line.
HT to Ed Driscoll

Update: This not new behavior. College campuses are particularly intolerant of violations of the liberal group-think.