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Friday, February 23, 2007

An actual outing of Covert Agents

I'm betting that all the far left loonie extremist democrats who have been weeping and tearing at their clothes over the non-outing of non-covert Beltway Bandit Plame will not even care one whit about this.
Lori Byrd tells the story of the L.A. Times "outing" of three North Carolina pilots who worked for Aero Contractors and flew CIA rendition flights.

Don't expect the same type treatment the Plame case received to be applied to this story. The L.A.Times story ends with this quote about one of the rendition missions, "On the flight back to Washington, after the snow had cleared, the rendition team celebrated by ordering 17 shrimp cocktails and three bottles of fine Spanish wine, according to catering invoices obtained by the prosecutors. " I don't remember seeing much attention paid to Joe and Valerie Wilson's cocktails, but I guess that is because their story was about how they were victims of an outing.