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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Massachusetts lawmakers acutally obey the state constitution...

USA Today reports:

Lawmakers in Massachusetts, the only state where gay marriage is legal, voted Tuesday to allow a proposed constitutional amendment to move forward that would effectively ban the practice.

The amendment's backers had collected 170,000 signatures to get a question on the 2008 ballot asking voters to declare marriage to only be between a man and a woman, but they still needed the approval of legislators in two consecutive sessions.

On Tuesday, 61 lawmakers voted in favor of moving the measure forward, compared to 132 opposed. The amendment need 50 votes of support to advance.

If it makes it on the ballot and residents approve it, the constitutional amendment would leave Massachusetts' existing same-sex marriages intact but ban any new ones.

About 8,000 same-sex couples have wed in Massachusetts since the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in 2003 that the state Constitution guarantees gays the right to marry. A few other states offer civil unions with similar rights for gay couples, but only Massachusetts allows gay marriage.

What is interesting here is that the Massachusetts Legislature is over 95% liberal democrat.
That means at least fifty liberal democrat lawmakers in the oh so blue state of Massachusetts, voted to allow the people of the Commonwealth to be able decide the issue, rather than one liberal Judge.

Previously, the Legislature ignored the state constitution and refused to bring the matter to a vote.
Probably because the democrat leadership knew that so many of their rank would vote yes.

Personally, I'm a Heinlein style Libertarian and don't see why the state is regulating such matters in the first place.
From a political junkie viewpoint, it is interesting to see what lengths the liberal democrats in the state house will go to (i.e. ignoring the state constitution) to promote their agenda. I also wonder if the 50+ liberal democrats who voted to allow the will of the people of the Commonwealth to prevail will face challenges from the state Green-Rainbow party when they seek re-election.

HT to Ace.