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Sunday, January 07, 2007

democrat math...

The new Governor of the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts, Deval Patrick (a Clintonite), claims the former governor left him with a "potential budget deficit of one billion dollars in the next fiscal year."

What isn't getting widespread attention is what Governor Patrick did almost immediately after taking office:

With Deval Patrick now in the corner office on Beacon Hill, officials and community leaders south of Boston are applauding his decision to restore budget cuts made by former governor Mitt Romney.

The restored cuts statewide amount to $383.6 million. While it is difficult to estimate how much of that money was destined for south of Boston, the funds clearly benefit dozens of projects here and help thousands of people.

So, Gov. Patrick is increasing spending, day one, and blaming the former administration for the cost of the programs he wants.

HT to Rob.