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Friday, January 05, 2007

Dem FoB gets pass on drunk driving charge...

Catching up on stuff here. Suzanne Magaziner, wife of long time Clintonite Ira Magaziner and a big supporter of the new democrat Governor of Massachusetts walked away scott free after failing a Breathalyzer and multiple field sobriety tests.

A politically wired campaign fund-raiser with ties to Gov.-elect Deval Patrick and former President Clinton has been cleared of drunken driving charges, despite allegedly failing sobriety tests and blowing over the legal limit on a Breathalyzer.

Suzanne Magaziner, a Patrick campaign organizer married to ex-Clinton adviser Ira Magaziner, was busted April 4 in Mansfield after a trucker spotted her swerving on Interstate 95, the Sun Chronicle of Attleboro reported.

State police who pulled over Magaziner, 54, said she had bloodshot eyes, alcohol on her breath and failed sobriety tests. She also reportedly blew a .12 on a breath-alcohol test, which is above the state’s legal limit of .08.

But the case was tossed out of Attleboro District Court on Friday at the request of a prosecutor from Bristol District Attorney Paul F. Walsh Jr.’s Office. The prosecutor, Roger Ferris, told the Sun Chronicle the case was dismissed at the request of his superiors.

According to the officer on the scene(state trooper Brian McKenna):
*She failed the ‘Touch the Tip of the Pen’ Test: “Failed to touch the tip of the pen with index finger as instructed. Repeatedly reached out to touch the tip of the pen before being told to do so.”

* She failed the ‘Horizontal Gaze’ Test: “Failed to keep head still numerous times as instructed.”

* She failed the ‘Nine Step Walk and Turn’ Test: “Failed to touch heel to toe on all 9 steps out and 4 of 9 steps back”; “Stopped while walking”; “Stepped off the line”; “Used arms for balance”

* She failed the ‘One Leg Stand’ Test: “Put foot down on count of 3 on first attempt” and second attempt; “Failed to complete the test”

HT to Captain Ed, who notes:
They didn't release her for her model cooperation, either. McKenna says that she repeatedly asked to be let go, and then refused to enter the cell when she was brought to the station for booking. Magaziner then, ironically, lectured McKenna about abuse of power.

And then the district attorney or his bosses forced the prosecutor to drop the charges against Patrick's fundraiser and the friend of the Clintons.

No, nothing to see here ... just move along, people.

Business as usual for corrupt democrat pols here in the Peoples Commonwealth.