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Monday, December 11, 2006

Things Kofi should talk about...

Rob at Say Anything mentions a few things that outgoing UN SecGen Kofi Annan should talk about as he closes out his term marked by massive corruption and genocide:

I wonder, in amidst all this shaming of the United States, if Kofi will find time to apologize for the tacit funding of Saddam’s tyranny that took place under his administration with the oil-for-food program? Saddam was able to bilk the program for approximately $17.3 billion from 1997 to 2003.

I wonder also if Kofi will mention, and apologize for, the atrocities committed by UN workers in the Congo and Sudan under his administration? Or the UN’s complete lack of action to stop the genocide in Darfur? Or how about the inclusion of nations with cruel and oppressive regimes (Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.) on the Human Rights Council?

Somehow, I get the feeling that Kofi won’t be mentioning any of those things. And probably for good reason. As long as he can whip up enough hate and criticism for the United States his abysmal and corrupt leadership of the UN will probably go largely overlooked.