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Friday, December 08, 2006

Meanwhile, in Hugo Chavez’s socialist utopia...

Who Knew That Toilet Seats Were A Luxury?

Dec. 7 (Bloomberg)—Venezuela, Latin America’s largest consumer of Scotch whiskey, raised custom taxes on the spirit and another 200 imported goods the government considers non- essential.

The government will add a 15 percent surcharge on the current customs taxes on goods including razor blades, sail boats, pearls and toilet paper, according to the official gazette. The government also eased requirements on obtaining dollars to purchase of machinery, raw materials and auto parts. . . .

The announcement by the government follows the Dec. 3 re- election of Chavez, who had said in September that a tax on whisky mimics a tax on "oligarchs." The top surcharge of 35 percent will apply to whiskey, vodka, cigars, candles and toilet seats.

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