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Friday, December 15, 2006

Easton "O.J." Jordon

Disgraced "journalist" Easton Jordon (who knowing hid Saddam Hussein's atrocities for years) is taking a page from O.J. Simpson's "search for the real killers."
Streiff from RedState has more details:

Over a period of time Curt at Flopping Aces noticed that AP relied heavily on an Iraqi police officer named Jamil Hussein for their Baghdad reporting. After an initial burst of name calling, AP has been unable to produce Captain Hussein.

Now a la OJ’s search for the real killers, the disgraced former head of CNN, Eason Jordan, is setting out to find AP’s equivalent of Waldo. The good news is that he’s taking Curt and Michelle Malkin with him.

The AP has a shameful record of acting as a terrorist mouthpiece in the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular. To a great extent the public perception of the war in Iraq has been created by AP. AP’s slavish reliance on Iraqi stringers, some of whom have been implicated in murders and other terrorist activites, is nothing short of a disgrace.