Urbin Report

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What is not being reported.

Carl Strohymeyer has a good list of news note report about Iraq by the DNC/MSM:

There are 5 million cell phone users in Iraq where before there were none under Saddam. Iraq has 33,000 new businesses. There is 25% female parliamentary representation, which is the highest in the Arab world. Iraq now has 4500 schools that have been rebuilt and stocked with 8 million textbooks. And there are 150 politically free TV stations and newspapers which can broadcast and print uncensored.

A) Saddam’s general published in a book that he himself oversaw loading WMD missiles into aircraft fuselages and shipping them into Syria for hiding.
B) The “insurgents” are absolutely nothing of the sort. They are terrorists, flooding into Iraq from other countries, and sponsored by Syria and Iran. We know this for a fact, as we have their overtaken bodies and equipment.
C) These terrorists ("insurgents") have said in their own statements that the battle for control of Iraq is the decisive battle against the US and western civilization versus Islam, and their plan to destroy the sovereign democratic Jewish state of Israel. Again, this is not supposition; this is from their own direct statements. Why are Katie Couric and the MSM not repeating this nightly?
In these same statements, the terrorists have openly said that this battle is the test of the will of Americans, and that the battle is there because we are there and that if we retreat, it is their sign of their righteousness and they will then bring the battle to us in the US mainland.