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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

They don't live in the same reality...

...as rational adults. Tim Blair has a round up of examples of extremist leftist liberal "logic"
Here are some examples:

I saw a lefty idiot at the bus stop today. He had a Mao t-shirt and a “Free Tibet” badge. He’s a living breathing oxymoron.

My favourite would have to be “Queers for Palestine”.

The University of Delaware now charges illegal immigrants lower tuition than legal foreign students. Even worse, our diocese hails this as a triumph of social justice!

and one of my favorites:
I remember flicking through channels and noticing a “Concert for Beslan” on SBS. It was hosted by Molly Meldrum (For those not in Australia - He’s an openly gay pop critic and reviewer/interviewer of musical celebs)

Molly was wearing a Che t-shirt. So in other words he idolised a guy who, as one of his first acts as head of the Cuban state secret police, built the Guanahacabibes forced labour camp. This was where he put enemies of the state - such as homosexuals (they’re now used for HIV and AIDS sufferers).

Che also introduced laws whereby anyone found guilty (or just accused) of “Crimes against revolutionary morals” could be sent to the camps. One way to violates the moral code was to listen to rock music.

HT to Leslie Bates