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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A self-inflicted wound...

Senator John Kerry (democrat-Taxachusetts) gave himself a healthy dose of foot in mouth today.

Ace has more, and more, and more.

No apology though.

Ace nails it: "In related news, the ghost of Genghis Khan issued a press release that stated "Vengeance is best served cold, and against an emaciated Thurston Howell wannabe."

The best part is listening to the leftist extremists try to spin it.
He fucked up. Instead of coming out and admiting his mistake and moving on, Kerry is trying to lie his way out of it.
Here's a News Flash. John Kerry is no Bill Clinton.

Senator McCain is extremly pissed and is calling for Kerry to buck up and play straight.

Update:Mary Kathrine Ham points out that this was not the first time Kerry has slammed the troops.

Update 2: It's so obvious! John Kerry is a paid operative of Karl "Darth" Rove!