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Sunday, October 08, 2006

How'd That Work Out?

Mike of Mike's America asks that important question. Let's put it into context. North Korea, run by a musical obsessed madman, demands that the United States of America talk to him or he'll set off a nuclear bomb.

Mike points out that:

It seems everyone ignores the fact that we HAVE talked to the North Koreans, as recently as last October, as part of the six nation framework to deal with the problem.

...and just as important:
And of course the same people demanding talks that exclude allies like Japan and South Korea, and strategic competitors like China and Russia have been shouting the loudest that the U.S. should not act "unilaterally."

So...just did how all that talking work out in the past?
Under the watchful eye of Billy Jeff Clinton and Madeline Chamberlain, with an assist from Jimmy Carter, we got:
Last time we did the direct talk, talk, talk routine between the U.S. and North Korea, we ended up agreeing to provide the Stalinist regime food aid which freed up millions of dollars for North Korea's crazy dictator to spend on "other" needs.

We also provided BILLIONS of dollars to build two nuclear power plants, which we presumed would take away any desire for North Korea to develop it's own nuclear technology.

As soon as the $$$ started flowing, North Korea began cheating on the agreements.