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Monday, September 25, 2006

One more Clinton note...

Mickey Kaus points out that "Clinton was winning before he plowed on into paranoia about Rupert Murdoch and Fox."

A fairly on target observation, as I stated before, the plain and simple truth is that Clinton did not put serious effort in combating terrorism because terror at the time didn't poll well, and Clinton only paid more attention to Willard than he did polls.
Moving Terrorism defense from a domestic law enforcement issue to a national security issue wasn't a line item on the House Republicans Contract with America. The At least I tried line was pretty good, then he went into moonbat conspiracy land.
Good for firing up the base who are sufferring from BDS already, but bad for gaining the support of centrist swing voters.

Is old Slick Willy losing his touch without the gentle guiding hand (or foot in this case) of HRC to kick his ass every day to keep him focused?

I also wonder if Slick Willy read Blackhawk Down or just saw the movie? The book by Mark Bowden makes it clear that al Qaeda operatives had taught Somali warlord Aideed's men how to bring down U.S. helicopters with RPGs.
So much for Clinton's claim that al Qaeda wasn't involved in Somalia.

Howard Kurtz writes in detail on what he calls "Clinton's Finger-Wagging Moment" that goes into detail on Clinton's poor performance.

Update: Lori Byrd has a very good roundup.