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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Massachusetts Liberalism In a Nutshell

Bruce at mAss Backwards sums it up.

He nails one of the democrat candidates in the comments:

Reilly is a devious, totalitarian, lying, assmunch whose loyalties lie with the lobbyists and sugar daddies who have been propping him up all these years. I don't believe word one that comes out of his acrid, statist lips.

Update: From reading several New England political blogs, I find that Right of Center Bay Staters (Republicans, Conservatives, Right leaning Libertarians) would all rather see Deval Patrick or Chris Gabrieli than Reilly.
They would not rather see a democrat in the Governor's office, but at least Patrick and Gabrieli are actual liberal democrats and perhaps a 100% liberal government in the Commonwealth would shock some reality into people (i.e. Socialism doesn't work).

With Reilly, his administration would be filled with the grafting, dishonest, steal every tax payer dollar possible crooks the Massachusetts democrat party is infamous for, that there may not be a state left to salvage once he's done...