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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Ghost of Billy Carter may visit HRC

The Canada Free Press has some updates on what Hillary Clinton's brothers have been up to:

The Washington Times reported that a bankruptcy judge has frozen Tony Rodham’s bank account. A court-appointed trustee is demanding Mrs. Clinton’s brother repay more than $100,000 in loans he obtained from a carnival company, United Shows of America, Inc.

How did Tony, who has described himself as a consultant — Gee, could he be a little vaguer? — get his mitts on carnival cash?

This is just a guess, but it may possibly have had something to do with two presidential pardons granted by Rodham’s brother-in-law. These weren’t part of Bill’s last minute specials; he approved them months before he left office.

In 2001, the New York Times described what happened:

"Former President Bill Clinton's brother-in- law Tony Rodham helped obtain a presidential pardon for a Tennessee couple last March over the objections of the Justice Department, Mr. Rodham and lawyers involved in the pardon said today.

"Mr. Clinton pardoned Edgar Allen Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo. The Gregorys, who live outside Nashville and own United Shows of America, a carnival company based in Smyrna, Tenn., were convicted of bank fraud in 1982, accused of using the assets of a bank they owned to give loans to friends."

The article went on to say that neither Rodham nor the Gregorys would disclose their financial relationship. Justice Department officials strongly objected, but Tony wasn’t clowning around. The carnies received their pardons.

Now he’s in the news again, which may not be good for Sister Hillary’s ambitions. It might remind voters how her brother Hugh Rodham had taken $400,000 in exchange for getting other people pardoned. One ran a cocaine ring. The other was convicted of business fraud and three years after his pardon from Clinton was sentenced to 18 months in prison for not paying millions in taxes.
Then there was Hugh and Tony’s excellent Russian adventure. They wanted to grow and export hazelnuts from Georgia. Not Billy Carter’s Georgia, Joe Stalin’s Georgia. The scheme ran into trouble when the boys involved themselves in some tangled Soviet intrigue and brother-in-law Bill’s administration nixed it.

Whenever trouble surfaced, Hillary and Bill routinely denied they knew what the Rodham boys were up to. That’s not easy to accept. After all, Hugh and Tony were close enough to go on the Clintons’ honeymoon with them. For a time, Hugh listed the White House as his home address.
Add to the mix her brother-in-law, Roger Clinton of the Ne’er Do Well Finishing and Pardon Peddling School, and you have a recipe for scandals that would make her husband’s administration look respectable. Well, almost.