Urbin Report

Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm generally not a fan of taxes...

...but in the case I'm calling for one. There was story in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle about a woman complaining that the fee to wire money to Mexico has risen from $4 to $6. She told the reporter, through an interpreter, that this was a hardship since the she was sending was from her Social Security. Question One: If this woman is at least a Legal Resident, and has been working in this country long enough to collect Social Security, Why in the Multiple Levels of Hell does she need a fornicating translator to speak to a reporter from an English language newspaper?

The $6 is a bank fee. The banks are looking at the cash flow to Mexico (remember Ross Perot's "Giant Sucking Sound?") and are out to profit from it.

The border states, and states with a large Illegal population (just about all the other states) should put a 50% tariff on all cash wire transfers to Mexico and use the money to increase border security and offload from legal taxpaying citizens the cost of the millions of illegals already in the country.

If the Feds were to slap another 25% (or more) tariff on wire transfers to Mexico on top that, that would be even better.

The government of Mexico encourages its citizens to illegally migrate to the United States of America because they send money from our economy to the failing economy of Mexico. If that scheme suddenly wasn't profitable, perhaps the Mexician government would do more to clean up their own problems.