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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Best Wishes to Jim Baen

Jim Baen, of Baen Books, one of the key publishers in Science Fiction today recently suffered a stroke.

The strange fellow at Justbarkingmad summed up his contribution quite well:

Jim Baen single-handedly pulled SF back from the brink of Lit-er-a-choor and into the gutter where it belongs. By the early 80’s SF was little more than utopianistic, leftist drivel. By not very good Leftists. He has earned the enmity of the SF literati for doing so; but he dragged the genre kicking and screaming back to the place where Story and Plot still live and have meaning.

Jim is also near single-handedly battling the evil that is DRM. He has sponsored the Baen Free Libary and was working with several authors to go to the next step. He has launched the best e-book business in the genre, perhaps the best in the entire industry. He has just launched a new SF e-magazine that has the best writers in the business contributing. He has, recently, brought in more new writers…Lois Bujold, David Weber, John Ringo, Eric Flint, Doc Travis, Michael Z. Williamson, Tom kratman and a host of others…than any other current publisher.

So send prayers, healing thoughts or whatever your personal faith says is best to help people get well. We could use a few more years of Jim’s vision.