Urbin Report

Saturday, May 27, 2006

He left one out...

I was listening to NPR yesterday and heard a story about Darfur and why it would be a "bad thing" to send in private security companies (i.e. mercenaries) to cut back on the killing of innocents (by groups funded by the Darfur governement).
I'll bet they can do it faster, cheaper, and without the establishment of routine child rape and the establishment of sex slavery that all too often happens when UN "Peacekeepers" that are not made up of US or British Commonwealth troops.

The story didn't come right out and say "The UN isn't doing anything to halt the genocide", but danced around the subject.

Another thing that caught my ear was when the person reading the story listed countries that had experienced genocide (defined as hundreds of thousands of innocents killed). He listed Bosnia, Serbia and Darfur.

He left out Iraq. Since the Hussein government was brought down (no thanks to bribe taking UN), mass graves have been found with 300,000 bodies (men, women and childred). All created during the period Hussein was in power.