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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Goldberg on Kerry

Jeff Goldberg at Protein Wisdom takes a look at recent statements by democrat part time Senator John Kerry.
Take the time to read the whole thing. It's worth it. I'll just list his summary,

Kerry is right on one point, however: It is wrong to brand Americans who ask “tough questions” as “unpatriotic.” However, it is not wrong to brand those who believe they can subvert the democratic process by advancing their own truths—through lies, selective leaks, and media manipulation (by any means necessary, in other words)—as unpatriotic, and it is likewise not wrong to point out that when such people try to shield themselves from criticism by wrapping themselves in the cloak of patriotism, they are acting cynically and reprehensibly.

Because what could be less democratic than presuming to speak for those who don’t accept your premises or share your opinions, and then setting out to save them from themselves by illegal and unethical means?

And when, in a democracy, you are promoting anti-democratic means in order to affect policy and gain power, you are, by definition, acting against the principles of your country—and so are by definition acting unpatriotically.