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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When she's right...

...she's right. Tammy Bruce on the Dutch plans to ban the burqa:

It is hostile, and should be considered the equivalent of having blacks walk around in leg-irons. And don't tell me it's okay because "the women want it that way." Yes, and we don't take seriously the insistence of battered women that they deserve it. Sure, some really believe they do, but that doesn't mean civilized society looks away and allows the brain-washed to dictate social policy.

Apartheid and Female Genital Mutilation were (are) also argued as "cultural" or "a religious practice." So what. Those are specious arguments used for years by oppressive tyrants looking for an excuse to justify their barbaric behavior.

Let's hope the Netherlands leads the way on this, allowing the European Union to actually do more than spout slogans about human rights and equality.

HT to Ed Driscoll