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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nerd news


A seven ounce (not counting strap & *batteries*) Linux based computer designed be worn on a person's forearm.

Ok, you can run WINCE on it if you want...

From the article

The WWPC is based on an unspecified low-power embedded processor. It boots from 32MB of flash, and has 64MB of SDRAM. Storage can be expanded through an SD-card slot supporting cards up to 1GB.

Standard PC interfaces include WiFi, Bluetooth, and fast infrared networking, USB host and device ports, sound, built-in speakers, and a headphone jack. The device has a "daylight-readable" 2.8 x 2.2-inch touchscreen LCD, and also supports human interface devices such as microphones and headsets connected via USB or Bluetooth, the company says.

There is also a claim for a GPS feature.
Eurotech describes the WWPC as a "user-centric, ubiquitous computing" concept, suggesting that the device is not yet available in product form. The company did not respond to availability enquires by publication time.