Urbin Report

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Watch out Howard!

Is Opra going for Howard Stern's audience? Ok, it's not Anal Ring Toss, but according to this post by Matt Drudge, Opra does get down and dirty with some guests on her show.

Oprah interviewed a woman on Thursday who had engaged in sex with more than 90 men during her life and who was keeping an ongoing list and a video diary about these encounters!

Not to be confused with Howard Stern, Oprah asked: "So you've had men ejaculate in your face?"


The February Sweeps sex special from the nation's top talkshow host, titled "Guests discuss their sex addictions," raised eyebrows with industry watchers.

"You've had, you know, men ejaculating in your face who you don't even know who they are," asked daytime Winfrey.

Ok, first off, Stern has played clips from Opra on his show before, asking why she doesn't get grief from the FCC for discussing, in detail, salad tossing and Rainbow Parties.
Second, didn't Kevin Smith cover the sexual video diary thing in Mall Rats aready?