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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He doesn't get it...

Someone from the UAE currently living the good life in California wrote:

There is a limit for everything in this world. Freedom doesn't allow you to attack people or hurt them, neither physically, nor by words, or anything else.

Wrong. Freedom does mean you can say and do what you want, and that you are responsible for your actions.
I don't like Ted Rall, but I'm not burning down the Idiotarian Embassy over his really badly drawn cartoons.
The actions of many, not all, Muslims in response to cartoons published last year in Denmark, show that Freedom works best with civilized people.
The governments in the Arab world boycotting Danish products is more civilized than the riots and attacks on Danish Embassies.
Personally, I'll be contacting my Congressmen and urging them to join President Bush in supporting Denmark in this matter.