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Saturday, February 04, 2006

An essay on "voting irregularities"

Michael Z. Williamson has a few words on voting and who's mucking with the numbers.

Now, 13 years of working the polls in IL and IN has taught me that if there is cheating, it is a Dem doing it, and there will almost always be cheating. Your mileage may vary, but I speak from experience.

To hear them claim that CHICAGO and YOUNGSTOWN had Republican cheats is just so boggling I can't respond. The Dems have stolen every election in Chicago since the 1930s. That they would probably win honestly doesn't stop them.
Look, Bush won a very narrow victory in 2000 (Oh, yes he did, you paranoid loons) against an entrenched incumbent veep during a still mostly good economy that hadn't yet quite reached the crash point.

Conventional wisdom said he should have catered to the "middle" to pick up more votes.

Bush stuck to his guns, and picked up more people who agreed with him, some who didn't but thought him the lesser evil, some who didn't but respected him for taking a stand. Right or wrong, he acted like an EXECUTIVE, which is what the job IS, and what's been lacking for three previous terms.

From a POLITICAL VIEWPOINT ONLY, it was brave and genius and it swung a lot of people.

So, whether you agree with them and him or not, most people voted, and voted for Bush, because he had a POSITION, and a MORALITY, and a PLATFORM of what he intends to do. REPEAT: WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH SAID POSITION OR NOT, OR THINK THEY MISSED A LOT OF WHAT WENT ON BEHIND THE SCENES, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.

And it's a good thing.

It means if the Dems run HONEST candidates within those criteria (hey, first time for anything, right?), they are very likely to start winning elections.

It would help to stop being worse fascists than the big gov't Republicans they hate, too. But one step at a time...

That's just some of the highlights. Go read the whole thing and get off the the SoreLoserman bandwagon. It's not pretty, it's not honest and it's not winning votes.

Oh ya, and how many of you picked up that Mr. Williamson is not a big fan of President Bush (41)?