Urbin Report

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What I'm reading

Myths for the Modern Age, essays on Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe.
Good crunchy pulp goodness so far.

I just started Harry Turtledove's Days of Infamy. This should be good.
I just finished Michael Z. Williamson's The Weapon
Damn good and more than a bit scary at times.
One light moment was the designation the Freehold military used for their man portable tac-nuke...

I recognized the container. I'd dealt with them during training. It was a crated Q-36 Explosive, Special, Medium. They're designed to take out dams, headquarters, major transport junctions and similar targets.
I had just signed for a nuclear weapon.

Insert the Marvin the Martian joke of your choice...
There is also a nice tip of the hat to another SF series:
Occasionally, one was mis-aimed and hit suburbs or farmland. One that was likely aimed at Pittsburgh made a perfect hit on the little town of Mannington, West Virginia, leaving nothing but a perfectly round hole where the town had been.