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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Truth rises to the top...

Paul from Wizbang, a New Orleans resident, has been posting on the realities of the disaster for months.

Since the storm hit, I've repeatedly said that 80% of what the media was reporting was flat wrong. They're just now figuring that out. I knew 3 months ago that white people were disproportionally effected by the storm. And I was sitting in a hotel room in Memphis TN at the time. Over a week ago I blogged that More white people died per capita a fact just now getting around the blogosphere.
One of the things the NY Times found was that, "Of those who failed to heed evacuation orders, many were offered a ride or could have driven themselves out of danger - a finding that contrasts with earlier reports that victims were trapped by a lack of transportation." 3 months ago I tried to "bust the group think" by posting: "The Katrina Evacuation: A Phenomenal Success".
So I'm glad Wizbang is no longer a voice in the wilderness. We've lead the way in other parts of the story too. From the fact that Katrina was probably a Category 1 storm by the time it hit New Orleans* to the fact Mayor Nagin had hundreds of busses that could have been used to evacuate the Dome and never used them. - Not to mention the Corps of Engineers posts.

Am I bragging? Yogi Berra said it ain't braggin' if you really done it. - And we've done it.

Glad to know the rest of the world is catching up.