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Monday, December 26, 2005

A debate on inanimate objects causing violence...

I had a discussion with the photographer of a photo I posted here.

I'm going to cut him some slack because English is not his native language.

He stated that "I don't believe guns do anything other than generate violence."
Note that this fellow is a gun owner himself. By his logic, his guns will cause him to commit violence.
As long as it's only against paper targets at a range, then he has exerted his control over those inanimate objects.

I replied with

I just don't see inanimate objects as a cause of violence. Firearms can be a very effective tool for a person to commit violence, but they don't "generate" violence. They are also extremely effective tools for self-defense.

His response was: "Well, as long as people remain ignorant I do believe that inanimate objects have the power to generate violence."

Given this lack of logic, I'm going to have to go with it must be a religious issue with him. He must belong to one of those sects that believe objects have power that can influence people against their will.

As far as I know, no inanimate object, including firearms, have gotten up and committed violence on their own.

There is a gun cam, where you can keep an eye on a revolver, just to make sure it doesn't animate and act of it's own will.