Urbin Report

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What I'm reading

"America's Splendid Little Wars: A Short History of U.S. Military Engagements: 1975-2000" by Peter Huchthausen

It starts with the SS Mayaguez and ends with Bosnia & Kosovo.

I'm currently on Chapter 7, Escort and Retaliation in the Persian Gulf.
The first complete sentance on page 100 is, "President Reagan not only supported but also reinforced the Carter Doctrine that called for war to save Persian Gulf oil if necessary."

So far it has been fairly even handed, pointing in equal clairity the failures of Operation Eagle Claw (the failed attempt to rescue the Americans held hostage in Iran) and the Intervention in Lebanon that included the death hundreds of US military personnel (mostly Marines) by truck bomb.
The book is a look at the military operations. Politics are covered as an aspect of the operation, not the main focus of the book.