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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Vietnam on the Euphrates"

Brown Line makes this comment on one of Ace's posts:

Yes, Iraq is "Vietnam on the Euphrates".

Except that we've taken Hanoi.

And Ho Chi Minh is in prison.

And free elections are being held in what had been North Vietnam.

And the ethnic minorities in Vietnam are gaining a fair measure of control over their own territories.

And Giap is leading a rag-tag band of suiciding losers, instead of an army.

And there have been no My Lai-style atrocities.

And the war is being fought by professional volunteers, instead of by reluctant draftees.

And US fatalities are down by 96%.

Yup, other than those minor differences, "Vietnam on the Euphrates" has it pegged.

Go read the original post. Ted Kennedy gets punked!