Urbin Report

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

That's a damn good bitch slap...

It starts with this post by a woman in London:

I know I should say something about what's going on in France. Personally it's ok with me if people express themselves burning cars, but it's not ok for me to send the army and instore a curfew. I think that this government of assholes that we have should for once listen to the pain of people. I am so sad about what's happening in my country... it's turning fascist!!!

Joe introduces her to a thing we call reality:
Boy, its a damn shame you don't know what fascism is.

Let that claim fly when they start rounding up Arabs and executing them in camps - until then all you have is a bunch of whiny, ignornants torching cars because they've been segregated into ghettos and utterly ignored by your wretched culture, which refuses to integrate people. Despite years of warning signs that this segretation was going to cause trouble, noone wanted to tackle the problem. Well, now they have a very visual demonstration that they can't ignore.

Bummer about that. But hey, at least now we can read our copies of the Little Red Book at nighttime, eh? Isn't the firelight romantic?