Urbin Report

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Liberal who understands an important basic human right.

By way of Alphecca, comes the story of Cindy Ellen Hill.

I am nervous over more than the flight. Despite being a, well, let’s face it, ‘gun nut,’ I am for all intents and purposes a liberal. A union-supporting Irish Democrat of generations of union-supporting Irish Democrats, disgusted enough by the Clinton administration to throw in the towel on the Party and run with the Progressives. Pro-choice, environmental activist, anti-death penalty, civil libertarian… I grew up shooting. I believe strongly that all ten Amendments to the United States Constitution which comprise the Bill of Rights work together; that means the Second Amendment securing the right to keep and bear arms is there to enforce the other nine against governmental intrusion. This latter concept seems to be where I lose many of my liberal friends and somehow wind up as the darling of the right wing.

Sounds like she's moving toward the Libertarian camp.
She has written a book, Brady Denial? You CAN Get Your Guns Back