Urbin Report

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A few quick movie reviews.

The Wedding Date, actually a well made chick flick. I'm married, so I've seen my share, including the ones where the better half apologies to me halfway through the film. One of my favorite lines is when the lead (Debra Messing) is asked if there is anything wrong and she replies, "Nothing a bottle of Jack and straight razor wouldn't fix."

Prozac Nation, personally I'm betting that the scene with Christina Ricci sitting on the bed naked will account for 80% of all rentals of this movie. The only other redeaming feature of this movie was all the location shots on the Harvard Campus. This movie also drove home the point that Jessica Lange has not done anything worth watching since King Kong.

Equilibrium, it tasted more like 1984 than The Matrix to me. The Gun Kata stuff was way cool to watch.
Complete bullshit to my 20+ years of martial arts experince, but WTF, it's a movie!
Extreme wirework (ala The Matrix) isn't realistic either, but it's fun to watch.