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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The DNC in action

Kevin at Wizbang has the story. He doesn't have the link to the video of Chris Matthews ripping the DNC a new one over this though.

If you're attempting to mount a sleazy smear campaign against Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito inferring that he is in some way in bed with the mob, it's probably best not to electronically sign your name to it. As Mike Krempasky at Red State points out one of Howard Dean's little loose cannons at the DNC (Chris Pendergrast) is responsible for this little piece of slime...

A couple more items of interest about the not for attribution memo.

First it was written July 7, 2005, implying that the DNC developed these anonymous hit pieces on every possible Supreme Court nominee prior to Roberts nomination. Second, while Prendergrast might have been the original version, DNC research director Devorah Adler was the most recent editor. For someone who was just promoted into the research director position in September, Adler stumbles right out of the gate...

Michelle Malkin provides a look at what the face of the democrat party is becoming.

Don't forget this nasty example of the intolerance of the leftist extremists.