Urbin Report

Monday, November 21, 2005


John Bergstrom's webmaster sums up the problems with France:

For nearly all my life, France has been held up as a bastion (a French word, no less) of liberty, equality and fraternity. A shining beacon of Socialism's mulit-cultural superiority, a color-blind Mecca where race was of not an issue - after all, they treated Josaphine Baker and Tina Turner as goddesses, didn't they?

But now France's dirty little secret is out: Their society is just as racist as they've always claimed ours to be. For decades, they have sequestered their immigrant population in ghettos and limited their economic and social growth to the bottom rungs of France's ladder. Sure, the immigrants may be good enough to scrub the middens and spread merde on the fields, but they were to keep in their place, and leave France for the French - the real French, not these swarthy pretenders whose parents still had the stink of North African soil on their feet.

And now, when this festering abscess of intolerance bursts, exposing the fetid stench of French racism in an open wound ripe for Al Quaeaeaeda infection, what is the French Socialist response?


At least some things never change.