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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Physical proof missing in case against DeLay

From todays Washington Times Inside Politics Column

Prosecutors in Travis County, Texas, acknowledged Friday that they lack physical proof of a list of Republican candidates that is at the heart of money-laundering indictments against Rep. Tom DeLay and two of his associates, the Houston Chronicle reports.
The list is key to prosecutors' case that corporate money that could not be spent legally on Texas candidates was specifically exchanged at the national level for donations that legally could be spent on Republican candidates for the Texas House, reporter R.G. Ratcliffe said.
Indictments against Mr. DeLay, Jim Ellis and John Colyandro state that Mr. Ellis gave "a document that contained the names of several candidates for the Texas House" to a Republican National Committee official in 2002 in a scheme to swap $190,000 in restricted corporate money for the same amount of money from individual donors that could be legally used by Texas candidates.
But prosecutors said Friday in court that they had only a "similar" list and not the one supposedly received by then-RNC Deputy Director Terry Nelson. Late in the day, they released a list of 17 Republican candidates, but only seven are said to have received money in the scheme.

Hmmm...it seems for democrat prosecutors, actual evidence is optional.