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Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's all in the timing...

I've been listening to the reactions of Fitzgerald's indictments and the various pundits are starting repeat themselves.
Let's review some details.

  • This investigation has been going on for two years, without the White House or operatives of the White House, "declaring war" on Fiztgerald.

  • Rove walked alway clean.

  • "Scooter" was charged with 1 count of obstruction of justice, 2 counts of making false statements to FBI Special Agents and 2 counts of perjury to a federal grand jury.

The five charges against Mr. Libby are all for actions that took place after the investigation started.
So...No charges that a "covert" agent was exposed and no charges of mishandling of classified material.
Jay Tea has a good summary:
1) From what I've heard so far, Libby is being indicted for lying about how he told the truth about a liar.

2) Apparently, the strongest evidence against Libby is the contradictions between he told investigators and his own notes taken at the time, notes that he provided the investigators. So, in essence, he "hung himself out to dry" by telling a different story from what he had documented, then turned in.

3) None of the things that Libby has been indicted for occurred before the start of the investigation. In other words, as of right now there was apparently no crime committed in the actions that triggered the investigation.

4) It looks right now like Libby was guilty of being either stupid, arrogant, or both. There was nothing criminal that needed covering up, but still he managed to obfuscate and obstruct enough about nothing to get his own ass in a sling

Let's not forget Judith Miller, who has already spent time in jail over this case, didn't publish anything about Plame, and is being attacked by her own paper.

Update: JunkYardBlog takes a serious look at the timing of fake Niger-Iraq documents that Joe Wilson based his report on.