Urbin Report

Monday, October 10, 2005

Baldilocks points out the "level of contempt that the network has for the American public."

She posts the following on target observation:

Let me get this straight: Clinton-appointed FBI Director Louis Freeh goes on CBSNews “60 Minutes” to accuse the former president of a) promising, but failing to pursue the perpetrators of the 1996 Khobar Towers terror attack in Saudi Arabia—in which 19 members of the US military died without being able to raise a weapon, and b) soliciting a donation for his future presidential library from then-Crown Prince Abdullah of S.A. as quid pro quo for not pursuing the investigation--and CBS goes to Sandy Berger to rebut the charges?

When the convicted burglar of classified material is set forth on a long-running television network news program as the voice of integrity, you know the level of contempt that the network has for the American public. Along with Mary Mapes’ and Dan Rather’s dogged insistence on the veracity of information contained in patently forged documents, asking Sandy Berger for confirmation of anything more complicated than whether rain is wet or not is a sign of how ignorant CBS believes the average citizen is.

The frightening part about this is that CBS may be correct.