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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bad news for George Galloway.

The Independent publishes the following:

George Galloway, the British MP, was last night accused of lying by a US Congressional committee when he testified earlier this year that he had not received any United Nation food-for-oil allocations from the deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

In a report issued here, Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman and his colleagues on the Senate Subcommittee for Investigations claim to have evidence showing that Mr Galloway's political organisation and his wife received vouchers worth almost $600,000 (£338,000) from the then Iraqi government.

Not only has former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz testified to paying off Galloway, the Senate Subcommittee has wire transfers recorded by both Citibank and the Arab Bank showing payoffs to Galloway.

HT to the Confederate Yankee

Update: Galloway, Terror's Lord Haw-Haw.