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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Usual Suspects....

Ace and Stop the Bleating point out that "a mild-mannered, middle-aged former schoolteacher" is a "novice protestor" according to the journalists at the Washington Post. Ace says that it's a good thing the the WP has "Multiple layers of painstaking editorial fact-checking."
A set of practices doesn't appear to include a simple google search.

It turns out that this "novice protester" is a member of ANSWER and has been helping organize antiwar protests for years.

Ace has a damn good summary:

It has long been claimed, even by conservatives, that press bias was not intentional, and was rather simply an effect of ideological blindness and a "willingness to believe." I am strongly beginning to doubt that.

Does anyone-- ANYONE -- think that if the WaPo interviewed a pro-life protester who claimed to have never gone to prostesting first-base before in her life (assuming they even deigned to cover such a protest, of course) they would have run her claims without checking?

Our fair-and-balanced press is determined to find a "mainstream," moderate, mom-and-pop kind of uprising against the Iraq War... and war as a general matter.

And goddamnit, if they can't find that sort of popular uprising they'll just have to help ANSWER invent it, won't they?