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Monday, September 26, 2005

Seek the truth and get attacked...

Tim Russert got slammed for trying to set the record straight according to today's Washington Times Inside Politics column:

A New Orleans area politician who a few weeks ago went on national television to tearfully blame the federal government for the death of an elderly woman in a nursing home grudgingly conceded yesterday that his story was untrue.
Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, in a return appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press," appeared surprised when host Tim Russert asked him to set the record straight. Mr. Broussard, in his earlier appearance, had accused the federal government of near-criminal negligence in the death of the 92-year-old mother of the parish's emergency services director.
Mr. Broussard's account of how the woman had drowned four days after the hurricane while awaiting rescue from the federal government has been refuted by the woman's son, Thomas Rodrigue, who said his last contact with her was on a Monday -- the day of the hurricane -- and not the following Thursday or Friday, as Mr. Broussard had suggested.
She apparently died that Monday, Aug. 29, with more than 30 others in the nursing home, at a time when responsibility for an evacuation or subsequent rescue clearly belonged to state and local officials.
Mr. Broussard said yesterday that he had been misinformed, but then lashed out at those who had questioned his story. "What kind of sick mind, what kind of black-hearted people want to nitpick a man's mother's death?" he said.

Now Mr. Russert deserves some grief, but not for this. Yesterday, he devoted a full half hour of his one hour program to a "round table" of three New York Times columnists, who spent the entire time explaining their personal theories on why every ill in the world can be traced to President Bush. Imagine the massive whining from the left if Fox News Sunday devoted a full half hour to columnists from the Washinton Times and/or the Wall Street Journal Opinion Pages?