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Monday, August 01, 2005

What did Al Franken Know and When did he Know It.?

The Err American funds taken from kids scandal is picking up steam.

Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds links to the Captain's latest story on the subject. Captain Ed points out that the New York Sun is now covering story. "It turns out that [Air America founder] Cohen didn't just get money for the netlet, but also managed to get plenty for his own pockets as well while sitting on the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club board."

Captain Ed then points out:

Now we have potential wire fraud, forgery, and fraud by deception, and probably a host of other potential charges against Mr. Cohen for his actions with Gloria Wise and Air America. Ms. Graves also tells the New York Sun that AA has agreed to pay back $800K over the next two years, not just the $480K originally noted by the Bronx News. Fortunately, Gloria Wise remained solvent, despite the wording in Piquant Media's earlier statements which tended to suggest otherwise.

Clearly, though, AA did not pay a dime back before this investigation broke open. Nor did they agree to pay back the illegal transfers immediately, which again underscores their fragile economic status. They still have to meet that payroll, including that of their stars, who apparently don't mind taking their money ahead of what's owed to the poor kids, elderly, and Alzheimers patients served by Gloria Wise.

Paul over at Whizbang covers this as well. He closes with this key observation:
I think we should have a call to action... I think callers to Air America should demand that their multi-millionaire talk stars refuse to cash their paychecks until the children are given their money back... Millionaire liberals would NEVER take money from children would they?