Urbin Report

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ok, this is just way over the top...

By way of Ace comes this NY Sun article:

The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan "Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem," which have been widely distributed to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip, according to a U.N. official.

The U.N. support of the Palestinian Authority's propaganda operation in the midst of the Israeli evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip has provoked outrage from Israeli and Jewish leaders, who are blaming Turtle Bay for propagating an inflammatory message that they say encourages Palestinian Arab violence.

I could buy the massive UNSCAM corruption. What else do you expect when you take petty third world thugs and thieves and give the chance to line their own pockets at the expense of the poor and down trodden. It's what they do.

Now the UN is not just in bed with the genocidal maniacs who want to destroy the state of Israel one idiot with the vest full of Semtex at a time, they are buying them dinner and flowers first.

Hussein with his mass graves filled with over 300,000 Iraqis is OK with the thugs at Turtle Bay, and so are the folks who toss grenades into Bat Mitvah receptions it seems.