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Thursday, August 11, 2005

9/11 Commision report back in the news.

Set the Wayback Machine to Thursday, October 28, 2004, when I quoted the Washington Times:

"According to 9/11 Commission co-chairman Thomas Kean, Mr. Clinton believed with 'absolute certainty' that Iraq provided al Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction expertise and technology in the 1990s. He believed it as president when he ordered the destruction of the al Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, and he believes it now. And it's not just Mr. Clinton. According to Mr. Kean, 'Top officials — Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger and others — told us with absolute certainty that there were chemical weapons of mass destruction at that factory and that's why we sent missiles.' "

Well, the 9/11 Commission is back in the news. Namely, Clintonite and 9/11Commissoner Jamie Gorelick who set up the "wall of separation" between US Intelligence Agencies.
Via Ace comes Phinn's recap of the Able Danger story:
I think the Able Danger story is going to be the biggest of the year.

A. A SOCOM unit, run by Gen. Shelton himself, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, identifies Atta and the Brooklyn cell as a threat as early as 1999. (It doesn't hurt that the unit has a cool sounding name, too.)

B. A year before 9/11, they recommend that that the FBI close down the cell. (Who was president a year before 9/11 again?)

C. DOD lawyers (lawyers!) overrule this recommendation, and refuse to allow the Able Danger guys to pass this information on to the FBI, because Atta has a legal immigration status, and they are worried about political fallout after Waco. They put Post-It notes over Atta's face so that all reference to him is kept secret (a nice touch, dont' you think?).

D. The 9/11 Commission chose to omit any reference to it or investigate. This is inexcusible, regardless of how accurate the story is. It clearly deserves to be addressed and the facts explored, to be proved or disproved.

Update: Flopping Aces has more
This will become huge people. Wait for the firestorm. I do agree with the good doctor tho, the people to blame for 9/11 are the attackers themselves and Al-Qaeda. If there was this huge of an intelligence failure as I wrote about in my earlier post then it should be known. If there was an attempted cover-up by Sandy Berger & Co, as I believe there was, then they should be put in jail.

But the only one's responsible for 9/11 is Al-Qaeda.