Urbin Report

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Quick Movie Review

The Wedding Crashers. Funny. Damn funny at spots. The best I've seen Vince Vaughn in so far. He shined with his motor mouthed approach that reminded me of early Michael Keaton. Owen Wilson was good also, but it was Vaughn that drove the comedy in the pair. That's MNSHO at least. Jane Seymour and Christopher Walkin seemed to enjoy themselves in this film. I liked the fact that Seymour did not use a body double in the scene which she said, "Call me Kitty Kat." She certainly didn't need one.
That's not to say there wasn't wasn't 20 or 30 minutes that could have been cut from the film. I'll bet when it comes out on DVD, there will be at least another 30 minutes of scenes they did cut.