Urbin Report

Sunday, July 10, 2005

One big book...

I picked up David Weber's latest Honorverse book at the library the other day. All 745 hardcover pages of The Shadow of Saganami.

I'm convinced that Weber has reworked his contract with Baen so he is paid by weight of books sold, rather than the number of books sold.

I just finished chapter nine, which goes up to page 127. In that chapter, the Captain of the latest Manty Uber-Ship, the very Heavy Cruiser Hexapuma spends pages in a speech explaining to his officers about the risks of their current assignment. Risks Weber spends dozens of pages previously explaining to the reader already. Then one of the characters spends three or pages summarizing another Honorverse book (Crown of Slaves).

I'm probably going to slog through this book, just because I've read every other damn book in the series and Weber does do good space battle.