Urbin Report

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The numbers are in.

The ratings are in for LA talk radio.
I'll just focus on the Adults 25-24 numbers, since they are more likely to be voters.
The not so large anymore Rush Limbaugh has a share of 2.5 with 35,900 listeners.
Coming in second with a 0.9 share (13,100 listeners) is Bill O'Reilly.
Al Franken is in a close third with a 0.8 share (11,900 listeners).
Riding in the caboose with only a 0.6 share (9,000 listeners) is the left's Ed Shultz.

I don't listen to Rush, so I'll just quote Ms. Camille Paglia:

"Rush Limbaugh is a principled conservative, master broadcaster and stinging social critic who has won his mammoth following through his own energy, individualism and wit. His daily radio show is the one reliable place ordinary citizens can turn to for a different perspective in the blizzard of propaganda and disinformation from the Northeastern media establishment. History will show that Limbaugh was a major force over the past decade in waking this country up from its p.c. coma."
I feel genuinely sorry for those who are so blinded by narrow partisanship that they cannot appreciate Limbaugh's energy, intelligence and satiric skill. They live in a box with bags over their heads. Though he and I hardly agree on politics (I voted for Ralph Nader last year and may go Green again in 2004), I respect Limbaugh as a political analyst and deft rhetorician who is a master of the microphone and who knows how to engage and challenge a vast audience.

Like him or not, he is the standard to which others are compared.